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I was on Ritalin for nearly all of my childhood, although only a part of my adult life. (trying to find a good shrink to start again to help with university)

I’d offer the advice to make sure they fill the prescription for ‘Ritalin’ and not generic ‘Methylphenidate’ I personally found that the generic tablets where not nearly as effective as the brand name Ritalin (no idea why).

Other then that.. make sure you do something to remember all your daily doses!

Assuming you’re taking a dose in the morning then another around midday, it really makes your day messy if you forget one of the doses and you lose the focus.

Most of my experience is being on a SR stimulant in the day then using Ritalin to ‘come down’ at night. I’m certain what the regiment is like for taking non SR Ritalin, but watch how you feel as you come off from the peak of your dose.

I had a lot of issues with coming off at the end of the day and needed to take a smaller dose at the end of the day to ease my body back off for the night.

It’s definitely worth writing everything down so your doc can bring the dosage into fine focus.

good luck!