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Not totally sure, for me it was a double blind discovery. I was getting comments on how spaced out and impulsive I was, when I had been fine. The dosage timing and strength was still the same.

On checking I found out about the brand and non brand, in this case when told to fill a prescription for ‘Ritalin’ the pharmacist had filled it with non brand.

A second time same thing happened but I knew as soon as I took the first pill that it did ‘not feel right’ – It feels more agitated and less focused – I checked the pills and they were the non brand.

I know that C14H19NO2 is C14H19NO2 is C14H19NO2 …. Buttttttt I do find a very noticeable difference.

On a side note, how sad. I just used ‘Bing’ (the search engine) to look up the chemical formula for Ritalin and the second search result for ‘Ritalin’ is a ADD denial site. *sigh*