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Re: School study skills

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richierich, you’ve learned to respond to signals as an EMT. You get the signal/call and you immediatley swing into action. Since you mentioned you’d be doing much of your study as a ‘distance’ student/online (am I right in this?) it might be troublesome to get yourself to the task.

When I’ve got an ugly job ahead of me (= difficult) I’ve always struggled to get going on it. Just about anything else could easily capture my attention. Every bathroom in my house would suddenly need to instantly have the bathroom cleaned! Procrastination an issue for anyone else here? (heehee)

When I’ve got an important, but ugly and mentally taxing task ahead of me, I set a signal for myself that gives me the jump start to get working. It might be something as simple as when the next commercial comes on the TV, when a show ends, when I finish the chapter of the book I’m reading, when the dishwasher/washer/dryer ends its cycle.

They’re all ‘silly’ little signals but once I’ve set the signal, I won’t ignore it when it occurs. Almost like a signal at the old firehouse that would instantly set all the firefighters into motion. Once I’ve set a signal, it becomes non-negotionable! It happens and I’ve got to immediately get up from whatever I’m doing and get to work because there is a very important task waiting for me.

Doing a lot of the study from home might cause some problems for you but maybe having a non-negotional signal to begin work might help you out, especially since you’re already used to responding without fail to signals.

Keep us posted to let us know how you’re doing! Good luck!