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Re: School study skills

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i find that trying to sit still and focus long enuf to get the material into me is difficult. i just finished my masters – unmedicated! (would have been easier medicated, but i have no insurance, you all know how that goes…) i recommend…..lollipops. i found that if i sat and chewed on a lollipop while in a lecture or while trying to write, i was calmer. no idea why (could be why i kept the binky till i was almost 4? self calming? i wonder if that could be a diagnostic thing?)

another thing that works for people is tangle toys. no, no the disney movie tangled. tangle. they are designed for people who fidget.they are all twisty and mesmerizing. i have the one for stress, but there are lots of models, and you can get them small enuf to keep in a pocket. i highly recommend them. you can play with it in your hand and listen or read while you play with the tangle.