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Re: School study skills

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Hi Ritchie,

Congratulations on continuing your education. My favorite Greek sayings are “Nothing in Excess” and “Know Thyself”. Ok, well, the first one won’t apply to you but the second quote will.

What type of learner are you?

Think about how you learn best.

Are you a visual learner?

Perhaps color coded lists/charts for the different drugs. You can organize them according to how common they are. Put all the dosages in different colors. ex. normal dose green, higher dose yellow, dangerous dose red or perhaps red for interactions?

An Auditory learner? use your MP3 player to record the drug protocols (only do 5 minutes at a time and make your voice interested and lively or perhaps you may fall asleep) then listen every chance you get. In the car, the shower (if MP3 is waterproof), when brushing your teeth

Tactile/kinesthetic? These learners need to move, so go walking with your MP3 player, or gardening or write it out, then write it again, then again.

If you want some time management tips, do a search for the great and unfortunately late, Randy Pausch’s Time Management lecture, its worth your time.

Also, although most think http://www.flylady.net is only for home management, I was able to get my distance learning doctoral degree using her system and may be of use to you.

Best wishes and keep us posted about your journey?