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Hi Kris – are you registered with your school’s centre for students with disabilities? They might be able to help you with advocacy. With regard to the iPod accommodation, I wonder if you could get a note from your doctor (and your classmate can then suck it ;)? Or, what about something like this (http://www.fm3buddhamachine.com/) – it only plays tones, kind of Philip Glass-like music comes out – there’s no way that anyone could argue you had recorded lectures on it.

With the WBCs, my suggestion would be to go out and get yourself some Play-doh in a bunch of colours and make some models. You could even make some bacteria, and stage “battles” (maybe this sounds a bit juvenile, but I bet it would help stick the know-how in there :).

With regard to tests, have you spoken with your profs about this issue? You could tell them exactly what you told us – “I’m having huge problems figuring out just WHAT the profs are going to ask on any given test, so I study the wrong stuff, and well, bomb the test.” This might not be an ADD thing, it might be a returning-to-school-at-62 thing (kudos, by the way!). They may have suggestions, like studying off the course outline, or getting some tutoring help.

I might come back if I think of more things. I hope that this is helpful!