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School vs. ADD–adult student

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    Silly me went back to school at the “tender” age of 62, to become a certified <or is that certifiable?> vet tech. I’ve worked with animals for years, and helped vets with weird, scary, and wonderful stuff, then the vet I currently work with suggested I get more education. OY!

    Despite already having a degree, and not from “Send $30 for a college diploma U”, I thought, Why Not? Well……

    Why not:

    I’m having huge problems figuring out just WHAT the profs are going to ask on any given test, so I study the wrong stuff, and well, bomb the test.

    I can’t for the life of me figure out the difference between a segmented neutrophil, a basophil, and a lymphocyte. Pictures aren’t helping.

    I know I’m a kinesthetic learner—so how do I get my hands on stuff that’s microscopic? Or, phrased differently, how do I get my brain around the darned things, so they stick?

    My other challenge is noise–from the classroom itself, and especially from my classmates. I tried taking the written tests in what the college thought was a “quiet room”. Right. It was designed by a deaf engineer. Finally got accommodation to use and iPod, and one of the classmates complained that I had an “unfair advantage”. Earplugs? I’d have to wear 2 pairs….not really practical. Unfortunately, <for me> I recently had my hearing tested, and the comment was made that they don’t see many patients who literally hear dog whistles…sigh.

    So, questions:

    1) I just started on Wellbutrin, after about 6 months <gotta love insurance company doctrine> of being denied meds because “you just want drugs–nobody in their 60s has ADD” Will Wellbutrin eventually lower my noise sensitivity threshold?

    2) How do I get my brain to accept stuff I can’t get my hands on??

    Thanks–glad you’re out there. I’m giving all my profs the address of the website!



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    Hi Kris – are you registered with your school’s centre for students with disabilities? They might be able to help you with advocacy. With regard to the iPod accommodation, I wonder if you could get a note from your doctor (and your classmate can then suck it ;)? Or, what about something like this (http://www.fm3buddhamachine.com/) – it only plays tones, kind of Philip Glass-like music comes out – there’s no way that anyone could argue you had recorded lectures on it.

    With the WBCs, my suggestion would be to go out and get yourself some Play-doh in a bunch of colours and make some models. You could even make some bacteria, and stage “battles” (maybe this sounds a bit juvenile, but I bet it would help stick the know-how in there :).

    With regard to tests, have you spoken with your profs about this issue? You could tell them exactly what you told us – “I’m having huge problems figuring out just WHAT the profs are going to ask on any given test, so I study the wrong stuff, and well, bomb the test.” This might not be an ADD thing, it might be a returning-to-school-at-62 thing (kudos, by the way!). They may have suggestions, like studying off the course outline, or getting some tutoring help.

    I might come back if I think of more things. I hope that this is helpful!


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    cue cards .. Side 1. Name Side 2: function (what does it do)

    Then flip thru them in increments of 20. Just keep flipping thru don’t sit and stew about one you’re just not getting, After you’ve flipped thru them for awhile you start remembering them, the ones you remember consistently go in the ‘remembered’ pile, then add more. Occaisionally go thru the remembered pile to refresh and any you’ve forgotten go right back into the “to learn’ pile.

    It might take time to write them out but it’s well worth that time investment.

    (see, piles are our friends)


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    Hi Kris, been there done that. I’m 63 & male, went back to school to get technically certified for green home energy audits. test were he// for me.

    1) let your instructors know of your ADD, and ask for hints on how and what to study for, even ask to take an open book exam if possible. Note: they too can be hard. Find past students and ask what they recall from tests and what tripped them up.

    2) I take adderall (3 years now) and it helps me focus and stay on track mostly; re: insurance company disbelief: find a doctor that will give you a quick and dirty ADD test and have it kept on file, or if you have one now, give it to the insurance company.

    3) hearing: Oh how I wish I had an answer, but I don’t. Earplugs might be best and while not perfect, they might help. When I visualize shooting all the offending noise-makers, it makes things worse, not better, so try to keep your head down and focus as best you can.

    Good luck, you can do it, and when you’re done, understand you will feel like you know nothing but that’s normal. Over time you’ll learn you DO know lots and will be able to achieve new happiness and comfort. I laud you move to be around animals, good choice. My move to analytical energy audits was wrong, but that’s my issue, not yours.

    What was the question again?

    Good luck! Jim

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