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Re: Sent my ADHD kid to first day of high school…

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Thanks for asking, Scattybird!

He did really well! It was ok that he didn’t have his ID with him, or his schedule. They just had some opening day talks and walked around the school together. I was very relieved and have been able to become more centered about this whole transition to h.s.

He’s had a few bumps understanding verbal directions (he also has auditory processing challenges), and isn’t quite back in the groove of “using his tools”, like writing things down and asking teachers for due date clarifications.

But, all in all, I’m proud of the leap in maturity he’s taken! I think with joining marching band over the summer and being around older kids, the freedom of high school has awakened a sense of autonomy in him and he’s so far meeting the challenge!

It’s weird, though- between him starting h.s. and my new job that has me working afternoons through early evening, I’m not home after school and sometimes not even dinner! All in all, it feels like a different life than just a few months ago. A good life, but different.

TooFat, I do see your point that it is ultimately HIS responsibility. But I think I was so distressed because I usually handle the beginning of a new skill set for him as a “behavior shaping” process, where I help him more at first then pull back gradually so he can conquer the sequence successfully with less and less help. (Can you tell I’m a special educator, or what?!) So I felt like we were both unsuccessful on that first day, but it did get better. And there is something to be said for the learning value of making mistakes. It certainly didn’t help that I was also dealing with sending my only kiddo to high school- it was a lot to process, I was very emotional that whole week. :|

Have a great weekend, everyone!