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Re: Severe Procrastination

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@Vicki: I feel for you. I recognise everything you say so much. Fortunately my job and marriage are not on the line (I’m not married and have no job) Does your partner really understand what you’re struggling with? The video Wgreen posted made things more clear for me and maybe for your partner (and your boss) too!

I started on Ritalin a week ago and today it’s really hitting me that it may help me focus but it doesn’t help me start things… I guess that’s what therapy is for and why Ritalin is not enough… I really hope your partner and boss wil have some patience. I’ve heard Procrastination is something you can overcome 😮

For me it sometimes helps to start working on the kitchen (flylady tought me that http://www.flylady.com (shiny sink)) and when I’m finished in the kithen it’s easier for me to start any other job that needs to be done. So when i need to pay the bills I first do the kitchen.

I hope you’re ok…

(I know my english is far from perfect, I’m Dutch, not stupid)