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Re: Sex and A.D.D.

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Curious. How does a drug with design to address a physical problem help when the problems with sex are caused by a psychological problem. If you CAN perform but you have the mental maturity of a 5 year old, making sex next to impossible (only ready when extremely tired), is the use of these pills more placebo effect than actual induced chemical response? Rarely being able to get close to someone, and at only 26 yrs old, is sometimes difficult to accept, and even if it were possible that maybe someday this might not be the case, these drugs are so expensive (well beyond anything I could afford and I doubt dudes in their “prime” get these picked up by insurance). Plus, one of my best qualities, my spontaneity, wouldn’t translate to a physical relationship due to having to plan ahead for the pill. Taking these drugs seem like merely jerry-riggin’ a machine to due a task for which it wasn’t designed. Aren’t there somethings that can’t be fixed and must just be accepted?