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Re: Sex and A.D.D.

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Never considered my ADD to be a problem in this area but now that I think about it I totally see that is a BIG reason I am struggling with sex. For me to mentally commit to sex it takes ALL the enegry I have. I’m also VERY sensative to touch and I have a huge personal space bubble. On top of that I take antidepressant which lessens the sex drive. All of these factors makes sex well almost impossible I’m really struggling with it. The worst part is my husband and I are trying to get pregnant but I have to force myself to have sex when I am so not mentally there which means I really get nothing from it which then frustrates my husband. I love my husband so much and I want nothing more than to be intimate with him but my brain and body are not cooperating with my heart!

Dr. J is there any medicines out there to help woman increase their sex drive??? I’ve talked to several doctors about my lack of sex drive and no one seems to offer any help.