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Hello, I had to chime in on this one…

KC it is hard enough for some woman to climax when you add ADD/ADHD on top of it… it can be next to impossible. I actually giggled at the Bedroom vid as Dr. J said to get all things with batteries out of the bedroom. There is one battery operated device that will never leave mine! Honestly, not trying to be trashy… it would help keep you focussed.

Couple of things that have worked for me:

1. I actually turn the clock away from my visual range and was kind of relieved when I saw that Dr. J recommended it.

2. I have a big dog, 158 lb Newf… I put him in his bedroom/crate or close the bedroom door tight

3. I put the cats away as well or at least keep them away from the door as they “knock” to get in

4. Turn off my cell etc and anything else that makes noise

5. If there are noises outside prior, I turn music on just loud enough to keep me focussed on the… ummm… err… task at hand. This way, I can’t hear the outside world. I actually made a playlist on my iPad and Laptop that has softer music that won’t pull my attention.

6. Going on the music or controlled noise theme, I actually asked my partner to talk to me during. I found the silence deafening and noticed I got easily distracted. Having him talk to me kept me on task.

Cheers and seriously, I think this is an important topic as intimacy between 2 people is a human need and vital to psychological health.