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Re: Share coping skills to survive a relationship when both of you are ADD!

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funny that you should mention stuff, and trying to put it in its place..lol!!

Big argument today over stuff in the kitchen!! We moved this October into a new home, and trying to combine our things together is very trying and usually ends up in one of us losing our temper!! I tend to be very safety concious, which is not a OCD thing, but just when ever I an doing something or placing an item somewhere, thinking if it will be safe there. My 3 year old grand daughter lives in the basement suite so child proofing is very NB!!

Last time I tried to cook, when I reached into the cupboard where the cooking pans are stored, he has placed them so high, all one on the other, with a glass lid, stacked behind the pots. First I had to struggle to remove the pots that were jammed in and stuck with a handle inbetweeen them, then when I finally managed to pull them all out in one lump, there was a loose glass lid ready to roll off the shelf on to a tile floor!! GRRRR!!!!

NOt safe and I told him to please not do that, first stack the pots with the lids on so that they are easy to remove……..and not to put glass lids like that .

Today I get that thrown back at me with a few other nasty comments about being critical of him………..for crying in a frikking bucket!!

Am I the only person that considers that to be not a smart move and unsafe!!

The whole conversation went down hill when I first asked him this morning why there was stuff all over the counter, recipy book, egplant x 2, 3 things of cat food……….

Our kitchen is totally inadequate and has no counter space………..so I wanted to make something for breakfast……….

backtrack..he alway complains that I leave stuff on the kitchen table………….and takes it to my office, and deposits it upon the never ending pile……lol!!

Yeah , I am kind of ranting here……but really, two people living together, who both have ADD, wiht very different issues and symptoms, is often a struggle…if the other is always going to take everyting said to them in a sharper tone, and a personal affront……..and we do this all the time………….

This morning after asking why there was all this stuff on the counter ( his way of trying to remember stuff and not using a darn list method) I opened the kitchen drawer and noticed the sharp metal end pointy corn holders ready to attack my fingers………..lol!! Remember safety concern me, so I gather them up and ask why did he not put them somewhere else so that its safer!!

Another rant from him hits me about my being critical…………… of course I rant back equally……blech!!

By this time I think a swearword as I manage to contain myself and not swear out aloud, and retreat in a huff to my office,……..

Now I am ticked off enough to actually manage to kill a mind numbing task that I have procrastinated for weeks, I finally sorted out the mountain of papers he and I have piled on my desk!!!

Now he is trying to suck up to me…….lol!!