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Here’s a weird thing, I do way way way better if I actually just work with a short list. I used to write long lists, of like, everything I could htink of,c ause I felt like if I didn’t get it down somewhere I’d forget it, at least until someone called and said, “Where is that thing you were going to drop off.” or “The dentist is waiting for you. Where are you?” (Uhhh… uh oh.)

Now I just write down a few things, the ones I really have to do today. Mostly I focus on the stuff I hate, the stuff that’s gonna make my skin crawl and just suck the life force out of me to read it, “Get the contract to the lawyer.” or “do the invoicing for all the last month.”

I used to list a ton of other stuff, things like call my girlfriend, call various friends, making each friend a separate to do. So I’d get all these things done, like doing my weight lifting or emptying the garbage or whatever, and never feel very good about it afterwards cause the lawyer and the invoices would still be there.

Now I list only the horrible stuff. And I just really focus on breaking those down into quick steps, trying to make them fun. (What a concept!?) or at least really imagining what it will be like to have it done, how great I’ll feel. Like it’s a really big victory. Cause for me, it is. I’m finding I’m getting the stuff I hate the most done.