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I can relate to the eruptions of frustration and anger to small things going awry. It use to perplex my ex-girl friend all the time. She could never understand how I could be so calm with my finances a mess, my job prospects at nil (I’m self employed) and yet if I came home after hitting the drive thru and discovered that the teenager at the window forgot to put the ketchup packs in along with the rest of my stuff, I’d hit the roof and freak out. I’ve actually gone back on a few occasions, irritated as hell, and not only got the ketchup I asked for in the first place, but also demanded that I get new food becasue my order at that point was cold. And God forbid you ever forget the dipping sauce for my nuggets! This has happened with many a small thing… And with people… I’ve had people upset me and piss me off and usually I get over things. But there have been a few people, including friends, that I felt (and still feel with some of them) took things too far… and the anger, the resentment, the indignation would rattle around for hours, days, weeks in my head. I would remove these people totally and completely from my life. Welcome to Jaster’s gallows.