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@Paula, my frustrations and impatience is almost never with myself, and always with others. And I seem to recover from things much faster than those involved. Like my husband and I will have a disagreement that turns into a huge deal and I react emotionally and then can be fine after where he’s still upset and can’t believe that i’m fine. Other times I can hang on to my anger for days. And he wishes I could just let stuff go. I wish I was less emotional, less quick to react and less sensitive to criticism or comments from others.It does help to hear that others understand. For so long I felt that something was wrong with me, that I wasn’t normal and now i’ve found a whole group of people who can relate, who understand. It means a lot to me.

@TKDizzy I too am very sensitive and prone to tears. My cycle is that after the anger settles, calms down I cry. That’s when I know i’ve lost my battle and the fight is over. Also when I am criticized or feel that others are thinking negatively of me i’ll cry. My Dad used to call them crocodile tears. I hated it. I love Jewels words “Please be careful with me i’m sensitive and i’d like to stay that way”