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Maybe my experience can you help you. I’ve “known” Ive been ADD for years too, but was always afraid to seek treatment because I was convinced I didnt need help or medications with my disorder. I never even bothered to get a real diagnosis as I thought it would be useless. This year, I had been suffering from more anxiety than ever and had to stop my work for almost 6 months. I finally decided to ask my family doctor for a refferal to go get diagnosed, just to see if I really had it and see if this disorder might have been causing some of my anxiety. Sure enough, I got my official diagnosis, but still wasn’t sure about taking medications for it. Me and my husband finally agreed that it was worth a try. I mean, why not try and see how I react to the medications right?

Well, I can tell you from DAY ONE this has been life changing. I noticed a change right away, and I finally dont need to write down every tasks I need done for the day or constantly panick over every little things I need to get done. I can now get up and be productive without all the stress Ive been feeling all my life, and instead of being late for all my appointements, Im usually 20 minutes early!

I understand you might not have all the same problems as me from this disorder, and that you probably thought yourself some good strategies to deal with this, but I defintely think its worth it to at least try different treatments.

The worst that can happen is that you realize you can in fact manage your ADD by yourself well enough, and the best case scenario is that you will benefit from a better lifestyle.

Sorry if my wording or grammar is not perfect, english is my second language ;)