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Re: Should I bother at this point

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I am just now beginning to understand that, I may in fact, be suffering from ADD…I’m 57 years old….and I can’t live the rest of my life like this…I almost hope that I have it….because it would explain much of my behavior. I have difficulties in the workplace..because of inattention an make careless mistakes. I don’t know how to relate to others…because I just feel different. This applies in both my work relationships as well as my personnel relationships. I have had difficulty with addictive behavior. My self esteem has always been very poor and I am extremely sensitive. I can be looking at someone as they talk to me, liking I’m understanding but my mind is somewhere else. I have some strategies, but it’s stuff I’ve figured out on my own…and may or may not be working.I work frequently as a carpenter…I find myself being distracted by someone or something….and get waylayed…then forget where I left the last tool I put down..I am also a jack of all trades and master of none…My ex wife complained that I didn’t listened to her….I just thought this was a guy thing….but maybe not…Any insight anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all