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Re: Sleep aid that works for me

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Hi everyone, I am new to the forum and just beginning the journey to manage and hopefully quiet my jangling brain. I have found a lot of useful info here and want to know more.

On the topic of getting to sleep, I have found a few drugless methods that help me when I get occasional insomnia. I tend to sleep on my back and sides but I don’t like to sleep on my stomach because it kinks my neck. That said, I will flip onto my stomach for about 20 minutes and back to my side to fall asleep. Doesn’t always work, but it helps. Sometimes a hard full body stretch for about two minutes helps, too. Maybe it’s a circulation thing. My pièce de résistance is a hot water bottle (you could use a heating pad, but a hot water bottle is better) filled with hot tap water, placed on the pillow with a soft towel on top. I position myself so the hwb is under the back of my neck and top of my shoulders. I get the effect of sleeping on a water bed and the hwb does hold its heat fairly well overnight. One more thing is ear muffs. They dampen sound slightly and warm the ears and make me feel relaxed enough to fall asleep.