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I have been looking in Cognitive problems there is a school the Aerosmith school in Toronto. They do computer programs for cognitive problems. If you go on youtube and type in the brain that change itself or neroplasisty can’t spell that one or CBC.ca go to online video and click on the Nature Of things and watch the documentray on The Brain that change itself. In Neroplassity there on the leading edge of Brain fucntion problems. They found the brain can rewire itself. The School Arrowsmith School in Toronto the women who founded it read here story she had all kinds of problems. they put here theroy to test in regarding adhad and learning problems. They are now trying to get her program in schools arcross CANDA. Because of brain scannes that they can take while the brain is functioning the can see what part isnt’ working. Research show when they do before and after the brain went normal after cognitive computer program therpy. They say that with adhd and learning problem when one part of the brain miss fires it cause’s the rest of the brain to miss fire. I finally feel that there is hope. They are on the leading edlge of all this. But go on youtube go on Arrowsmith website I found it started me on a whole new path. I have hope Clamdigger