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Gotcha Turbo…… I apologize Nomish if i have led you in the wrong direction. Having been a small business owner (independent and franchise) I saw your posts and I also had many issues with software as well (service business industries) Having been introduced to software vendor upon software vendor I realized the importance of computerization and technology (very important). There are many different types of software programs out there that do many different things and do it in different ways. Software products out there do everything from tracking, accounting, inventory. marketing etc. I see the areas of concern in your post and I have found software companies today are understanding of people with ADD challenges. I again might suggest going to a trade association within your industry (via the web) and see if you can find any software companies associated with your industry (You will be surprised how many software companies are industry specific) and contact them and see what systems they may offer and explain to them what your specific needs are and prior issues have been and i think you will be pleasently surprised what help they may offer. I used a system that I could plug in (the software company that is) any accounting system I wanted (Q books, Peech tree and Etc) and they found out ways to merge/integrate it with other modules Ie sales, scheduling, logistics etc. so i was a true 21st century company even though small in size. It could be “leased” as apposed to being purchased and be net based (all done on-line). So the framework and cutom templates to which I helped design and modify for my specific accounting needs (and the needs of my accountant) with the software company where are already there everytime i turned on my computer. If you have isssues on the software product side they took care of it quickly, It is my experience today as opossed to 5 yrs ago often the technical people in these types of software companies have personnel that also understand your business (yes even the accounting side as it relates to your specific business/industry) and they can offer great assistance.

If i am still missing the boat regarding this topic please let me know…… Best of luck in your business…