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Hi Carrie…… I can’t answer for you but here was my simple life plan. I’m now sixty and I have no regrets and a very full life. Here is how I did it.

At a younger age I set out my life plan…..wow sounds daunting right….. nope it’s very simple.

I was about 20-ish at the time so I asked myself……. Where do I want be at 25….30…….40……50….60????

I made a very short notes about three or four bullets and beside each bullet one or two words that described where I wanted to be at those stages.

Here it is below – simple milestones, very simple. Besides living my life and having great fun along the way, I took care (always) that I was on this path. Here it is……

25 yrs – be in the door at a good job – married – start on a savings plan – have purchased house

30 yrs -off the tools in the office – family started – retirement fund started – have most of the house paid down

40 yrs – in management – family finished – own my home – good retirement fund

50 yrs – family grown and on their own – secure $$$$ – retire – go south for the winter….enjoy…..wooohooo

Missed by one year I retired at 51….. opps.

It’s a simple simple plan I know but, I find it’s hard to know if your on the right coarse without a map. It can take just a few minutes out of one’s life to document…and the rest of your life to execute, but those simple milestones gave me monsterous satisfaction…. with no regrets. It was direction and things to be mindful of along the way.

Good luck Carrie… I hope that helps. It worked for me simple as it is…… I’m not real smart so I needed a map!!!!