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Re: So much to do- So little time!

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I taught kindergarten for awhile and agree with you build. I had a couple of kids in my class that I thought might have ADD, but 5 is pretty early for that diagnoses.It usually shows up around 7 or 8 in my experience. Of course those kids that get the diagnoses at 7 or 8 had it at 5, but a lot of kids are pretty immature and that doesn’t necessarily mean they have ADD. It’s pretty easy to pick out the kids in the class that have the H part of ADHD. It’s those kids that don’t show the impulsive behavior and are instead scatterbrained and easily distracted that tend to get missed and left behind. I was one of those. My sister got put on Ritalin due to her impulsive behavior but my mother didn’t like medicating her so that didn’t last long. I was/am calm so I didn’t even get checked out.