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I looove your descriptions ashockley – are you a writer or something? Oh yeah – you used to be a teacher right?

Hilarious, so accurate, so frustrating, but you have a sense of humour about it too.

There’s a super weird band called “Negativland” that has a song about “too many choices is no choice at all” – if I can find it anywhere I’ll post a link. My house clutter has a lot to do with total inability to find things I like along with total guilt over throwing things away.

But…. I just donated a carload to Goodwill – high 5 corner? At least I got one thing done this weekend.

Bad thing: I bought $50 worth of stuff to fix my bathroom, and left the bag behind at the store – they say they never found it, and I’m SOL… I guess that one less bag of stuff in my house – I’m just going to put an Out of Order sign on my bathroom :)