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@kc5jck – only an 86? Awwwwwww. lol.

@carsonky – thanks for letting me know I’m not alone on this. Jeans ARE uncomfortable if you are overweight. I have muffin top over mine. If I find jeans to fit my waist, there is a bunch of material in the back where my rear end should apparently be (I guess if you have a certain circumference waist, they expect you to have a certain amount of butt to balance it out? And don’t get me started on the different rises. I used to go with mid-rise, then I got one that comes up and over my muffin top closer to the belly button, but then my muffin top just lifts up and pours over and pushes the jeans back down, and the jeans cut into me and hurt. :-( It’s a problem.

@munchkin – wow. I’m in a creative writing program right now. That is crazy that you guessed that! I recently got my first publication.