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Re: So we're loners so what?

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It’s not a crime to be a “loner”, and it’s also important to understand who’s definition of a loner we’re listening to. I kinda need to just forget about what the world thinks of me. Forget about how I’m being judged. I don’t represent people with ADHD any more than I represent any particular religion. I’m a Christian, but even being a Christian can mean lot’s of things that are definitely not true about me. It’s a journey.

Mostly, I like doing things alone. Life is less complicated this way, I can have my music as loud as I want to. And practice playing with my guitar without driving anyone batty. Then I get lonely. So, I try to get myself involved in the community. Nowadays more than ever in my life I think. That’s very difficult. VERY.

Along with being more socially active I get a certain amount of rejection. That’s just part of life. The downside of being a loner is that I have never really developed the social skills that any other normal 47 year old man has. Right now I’m okay with that. But lately I’ve been letting the fact that I don’t fit in very much bother me more than it probably should.

It’s a good thing I’ve got this web site along with lots of other new places in my life to come to, and feel much less alone.

The built in Internet we have in my apartment complex has been down for about a week, so that’s why I haven’t been around. Just in case anyone was wondering. It made me realize that maybe I depend on this web site too much to keep myself happy. The truth is out there. Eventually I’ll gather more clues. For now, I’ll probably keep trying to cut back on how much time I spend here. I just hope you guys don’t think it’s cuz I don’t like you. Cuz I really do like a lot of folks in this camp. I’ve missed you guys over the last week. later tonight I’ll have more time to come n hang out.