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Re: So we're loners so what?

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Miguel, for me, the family reunion depends on which family! lol The reunion with my blood family would be a strain and I’d just as soon not bother, although getting together with just my cousins can be good. The reunions with my husbands family are great – and then they all leave and that’s great too! But it’s a very small family.

Some people do think it’s odd that I enjoy so much time alone, that I go places alone because I choose to do so. I like my own company! (And I need that time alone or I start to get very cranky.) And some of the time, I also enjoy getting together with a good friend or going somewhere with my husband.

I remember when as a kid a family was coming to visit or our family was going there and I dreaded it. All I wanted was to head off to my favourite hidey hole with my current book! Since my husband is much the same, it’s a minor miracle that we ever got together!! lol