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Re: So we're loners so what?

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Shutterbug55 – That is interesting, what you say about agoraphobia. Because I feel like that also. I am not really “afraid” – I just don’t like the feeling of not knowing what to expect, or the sense of information or the need to interact coming at me from all sides. I like to be outside if I’m in a natural setting – open space doesn’t bother me if it’s on a mountain top looking down on a field of wildflowers, or sitting on an empty beach. But I don’t like living in the city with hundreds of people around. It’s as if they all give off too much energy and it makes me feel jammed up and flooded somehow. Clutter has a similar effect, as if every object were a demand. I like people well enough, but find that I get fatigued after about two hours one-on-one in the company of anyone. Medication has smoothed the rough edges, makes me less irritable, but I still prefer silence and empty space.