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Re: Solution to sound sensitivity!

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I’m fine when mowing the lawn and have the sound of my own engine in front of me while I ride for 3 hours, but let the neighbor fire up their mower, it drives me crazy. I go run my tractor or one of my engines just to listen to it, it’s music to me, but let someone else run something loud, or a motorcycle, etc. – aarrgghh.

I’ve found good bass, drums, low notes, etc. are good – high notes/high pitches, screaming instruments, can’t handle.

If I have music going, it’s got to have good bass or percussion. None of these high screaching guitars that sound like they are in pain.

I’m with you on the book thing – either TOTAL quiet, or background noise of the TV or whatever. Odd………. and I can start out wanting the sound, then a couple hours later it’s driving me nuts. I can’t explain that or why.