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Re: Solution to sound sensitivity!

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wow!! all my life I though it was just me!! lol!! Actually when I was trying to help my then 12 year old daughter ( now 22) figure out with the Learning Centre here in Calgary that she actually had ADD…..I realised it was also my charming curse!! Sounds drive me mad!! Today I wanted to throw something at the other person in the kitchen who just does not get it!! I hate the sound of water hitting our sink in the new house!! It pierces my ears!!

Now I need to figure out what I can do to find some headphones to allow him to actually live in the house with my wanting to throttle him for the noise he causes and does not seem to hear……..but are so magnified for me!!

lol!! It seems that my extreamly low noise tolerance levels are also somehow linked to my lowered thyroid medication…….maybe because it has made me very edgy!!