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Re: Solution to sound sensitivity!

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I get totally overstimulated at work by all the chatter, phones, intercom, etc. I have some Bose noise cancelling headphones and they do well to block certain sounds as described so well by LionD. What I really need are human chatter-blocking headphones. Where can I find some of those?

It seems that I am not sensitive to noises that I am in control of (like the TV, music, or whatever household noise I am creating) but most sensitive to the noises that are not in my control. It is almost as if my overstimulation is made worse by perhaps the anxiety in knowing I can’t turn down or turn off some sounds. In the morning I like to have the news on fairly loud while I’m getting ready for work, then when I get in the car I listen to music (rather loudly at times) and am fine with it, but when I get to the office I quickly get overwhelmed by all the talking and other sounds around me. It seems kinda nutz to me. Does anyone else experience this?