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I have been using noise canceling headphones for about a year and a half now. I can say that sometimes they work for me, but a lot of the times when voices of people around me (as opposed to the voices already in my head…) still gets through.

I think NC headphones are designed to allow the human voice to still filter through so others can get your attention, so I’m a little disappointed that way. It’s fine for reducing general background noise such as air conditioners or the hum of traffic or flying in a jet somewhere. There is some noise reduction when listening to other voices, but not enough though.

There are several “loud-talkers” in my department and when the three or four of them get together I have this overwhelming urge to want to puncture my eardrums with an ice-pick. You’d think that working in a cube farm you’d want to keep your voice down…just out of courtesy for those of us that have to work.

I found the best way to overcome that distraction is to plug the Bose into the iPhone and play my music. Loud. The audio quality is awesome. I know there are a lot of people that don’t like Bose, but listening is believing. The other thing I was considering was using the foam ear-plugs in addition to the headphones.

As part of my accommodation at work, I have requested a quiet location for working, but they’re response has been “Well, we tried but there is no space available anywhere that will meet your requirements”. And that’s true, there is not a cube empty in the whole place.

I’ve even asked if I can work from home, but that got turned down quickly. I kinda expected that. Why did I even bother?

But I digress….

ShaneG: what about those funky headsets pilots wear? I think they provide noise reduction in addition to receiving and transmitting radio communications. David Clark and Bose are two of the leading makers.

Just as a general observation, the headphones that completely surround the ear, as opposed to some units that fit on the ear are far superior in noise reduction. They can be a little more uncomfortable to wear, but I’ve had no issues with the Bose headphone. I’ll wear them for hours a day sometimes and my only complaint is that your head might get a little warm if your office isn’t air conditioned.

Hope this helps….and good luck.