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My first day of taking Vyvanse (30MG) was definitely buzzy and a bit disjointed. I felt like I had 1 cup of coffee to much all day but also felt and focused at the same time LOL. I have had a few stimulant induced (pseudophedrin) night terrors over thus past 12 years during colds before I found out how bad for me that “sinus medication” was. The first day on Vyvanse had a similar but not nearly intense feeling of disassociation or disconnection (I certainly wasn’t terrified, just “different”). The other thing I noticed was I could not concentrate on multiple things like I usually did as my brain sort of rejected my attempts. I actually found myself telling to wait while I finished a task before I would talk to them. By the end of the day I felt like it was successful but I did have concerns as I hoped some of the sensations would lessen.

Day 2 almost all the weirdness was gone but I did have a very low level headache most of the day. My ability to multitask came back but I found I was able decide when I would use and when I should not (vs the usual juggling 20 things all the time and just adding more balls as people interrupt me with new tasks). The ability to set things aside and then not fret about them is a true blessing along with not being frustrated by set backs or waiting.

Now on day 3 and so far it’s like the 2nd day but even less weirdness and just the positive qualities of calm and focus.