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Re: Still in shock

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Thank you both for your response. You’re actually the first of two people that I’ve corresponded to that can relate. That’s a comforting feeling.

It’s been a week today that I found out and since then…wow.

Today I had a day off and as much as I have tried in the past week to curtail my disorder, my mind and actions still got the best of me today. For example, I had intentions of going to the gym and clean my house. Welp, didn’t go to the gym and the house cleaning never got done. I did go to the grocery store and geez that was an ordeal. I had more items in the cart than I had cash for. I then went to the car and dropped my carton of eggs. Drove off and got angry at the car infront of me for taking to long at the stop sign. I then honked my horn at the same vehicle for not going fast enough thru the lights at another intersection. Came home and had every intention of cooking a decent dinner. It got too late so I thru in a frozen pizza, baked it but still haven’t ate yet.

Again, this new relvelation is still very new to me. I could go on and on but don’t want to bore anyone with the details. I am interested in your experiences and kc5jck I will take a gander tothe above mentioned topic.

Once again thank you. I appreciate it.