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It’s funny how teachers at school love to encourage kids to ask as much as possible, but when someone actually asks it’s not really wanted after all. Even if none of the other kids ask anything, the teacher soon grows tired of that one kid (with ADHD) who does ask.

Did anybody watch the video where this specific issue is touched on?

I always used to think i WAS the way he says: More energetic, etc..

It’s also true that you never hear about the good sides to your nature or personality, and that has a quite negative effect on you, especially if you’re alone and growing up on institutions, having no support in life.

I have to admit I’ve come to believe that I’m simply lazy. In a way I know I’m not, because I remember short periods where I’ve managed well and loved being active and productive, and in fact were almost unstoppable.

Still, it’s hard to shake that feeling of being lazy and just a bit stupid. And some of the reasons for this is that I have this distinct feeling that I could do so much more, if only some things were changed in my life.



I can relate to what you write, and yet my situation have been a bit different, because the H in ADHD has been very dominating.

And yes, I think it’s the best site I’ve found too. It is the site where I found the most helpful information, and I’m still trying my hardest to get it through to the psychiatrist I’m signed up with. Sadly, it’s very difficult to make anybody in my state listen to anything. People here don’t believe much in grown ups having ADHD/ADD, and it’s next to impossible to get any decent treatment, even if you have experience with drugs that help you (I’ve had to go on the black market to get drugs, but have stopped doing this because it’s so unsafe. So I’m living a half life again).



I have tried Strattera, but it I had very strong cold sweat and had to quit in less than two weeks.

However, you mention no side effects, so I will just say that this drug is supposed to take effect after a while.

It is in fact a drug made on the same principles as anti depressants, and that is why it will usually take between 3 to 6 weeks before you can really tell it is working as intended.

good luck with it. ^^