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“It’s funny how teachers at school love to encourage kids to ask as much as possible, but when someone actually asks it’s not really wanted after all. Even if none of the other kids ask anything, the teacher soon grows tired of that one kid (with ADHD) who does ask.”

As a teacher, one of the things I promised myself that I would always do my best to answer any and all questions kids put to me. The problem I found with this is, I could spent a whole day just answering kids questions, and never get any of the work I need to get done completed. The kids are learning, they’re just not learning the stuff I need them to learn so I can write their report cards.

My solution was to institute something I call my “Book of Questions” . When kids ask a question that is off-topic of what we are doing, I get them to write it in the book. I review the book on a regular basis. Sometimes I will answer the question outright, other times I’ll suggest resources the kid can check to find their answer.

Then at a particular time each week, I will read the questions and the answers.