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i am just on meds for bout two months,(strattera) started on 18mg and now increased to 25mg..i not sure if its helped my concerntation, dont thinks so as i still jump like maniac frpom one thing to then next and can never finish anythin, i do have tiny bit more patience for others and am little less frustrated but i think it too early to notice big change, though people around me say i am bit easier to be around and not so hyperactive and that i can maintain a conversation to some degree without burning thier ears with my motor mouth,, i actually find innatentives side to my adhd so troublsome too, i cant finish anythin and have terrible organising skills, i cant hold a job down and i now have a fear of jobs because of my pattern of droppin out of them all the time and i find it hard to be in work environment.. i also feel i cant be myself as peopl close to me always sayin i am so hyper when in my mind i am in good spirits and then i become so concious of how i am that i am constantly tryin to control it and i get real low because it such a struggel to put a lid on it. does anybody else feel that they cant be themselves becasue others constantly highlight lots of thier traits,? it is crushin me and has done for years.. i have only just been diagnosed few months ago and i am 35. i feel almost afraid of doing anything, even things i enjoy or hyperfocus on becaus i reach a point where i move verry quickly on to the next thing..i am living adhd and not loving it really..i still getting my head round the fact its taken this long to get diagnosed even though all my schools had said all the classic things to me, daydream,spaced out , disruptive in class, not doing as well as i could and verry poor concerntration etc has been verry s***..and i have seen lots of positive stuff on the net but im struggling to find the positve of being adhd at the moment..its too early for meds to have made big diffrence..its good to have this site, i hope it is a success as its terroble being isolated so long and i like to hear others who share my experience or have some positives to say, thankyou