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Walter Mitty
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I started taking Strattera about 6 weeks ago starting at 10 mg daily and working up. After 2 weeks at 60 mg, I noticed something different with me, but couldn’t put a finger on it. My Doc then moved me to 80mg and after 4 days at this level the change was instant. I woke up after an 8 hour sleep, did my regular routine, (get dressed, breakfast, coffee, work) and as soon as I got to work it was like I was hit by a lightning bolt. My head was focused on work. I knew what I was going to be doing in 10 minutes. I could walk across the shop and know why I was there when I got there. Physically, I feel like I have consumed a number of pots of coffee but without the jitters. The energy and determination to do stuff is there. Since this time, I’ve noticed that I wake up when the alarm goes off. (No more hitting the snooze button). Talking to people I don’t know on the phone is less draining. I used to wake up from a sound sleep, and my mind would race for an hour or so thinking about bills that I couldn’t pay. Gone. The only “bad” side affect so far are when I urinate it feels as though I have some urine left inside (there isn’t) and I’m loosing some weight (I eat the same, but my pants are getting bigger:).

The best way I know to sum it all up: That fire that my many past employers have been trying to light under my @55 has been lit!