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Well I’m still taking the Strattera at 18mg/day @ 165 lbs. Frankly it feels like a waste of time. My GP sent me to see a head doctor and get an official evaluation. He seemed to agree with the ADD minus the hyperactivity and that Strattera should help but that the dosage will need to be increased. Back to the GP on Friday. After 3 weeks at this low dosage and the elimination of Ciprelax I am starting to feel but there is still no energy or motivation and I still feel disconnected from most things but not as bad as before. I’ve always bounced from periods of low to high energy, low energy cycles leave me feeling burned out and bummed out, high energy cycles would be the periods when I got things done but drove people crazy. Neither was balanced. The Ciprelax balanced those periods, but running at baseline for me is frustrating because although I don’t get burned out as often, I also don’t have the energy or desire to do anything. There are two reasons for me, one motivation or making it important enough to start and focus and complete the task, the other frustration from constantly needing to kick myself in the ass to do anything. That on it’s own tires me out and adds to the frustration and anxiety surrounding my ‘laziness’.

So I’m sticking it out for another few days, drinking lots of coffee and ignoring this spinning feeling, crazy digestion issues and the need for a nap, while researching the options and how or if they will be any better. I believe that the best perscription for me is getting into a routine that includes lots of fresh air and exercise. Need to remove the excuses and find a way to make this hit my attention threshold, soon.

Will follow up Friday.