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Re: Strattera advice please

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i’ve been on strattera for (60mg) for about 4 or 5 months. i now sleep about 8 hours instead of 12 or 14, and i experienced having absolutely no thoughts in my mind for a good 10 seconds straight, for the first time ever- and it was freaky- usually there is a whole torrent of them swirling about in there, all constantly rolling off on their own little tangents, along with a few songs- with strattera its more of a light rainshower than a hurricane, with occasional dry patches. i’m not any more focused or organised though- its just somewhat quieter inside my head and not quite so exhausting. :D

– i should add that i’m also on effexor (and have been for years, for major depression- the swirly thought hurricane was a bit of a negative one- effexor gets me from a feeling of complete psychological doom to a sort of level flat nothing, emotionally) and wellbrutin (for about a year- which enables me to be um… sort of happy, with the laughing and the desire to get out of bed in the morning, and whatnot).

it only took about a week or two for strattera to kick in for me. i was quite detirmined that it wasn’t working, nothing was happening, it was all very pointless, etc- and then one day when we were driving somewhere my bf turned to me with a nervous look on his face and said “your mouth isn’t moving, and no noise is coming out of it. whats going on? are you ok? what are you thinking?” and i said “nothing”. and sat there openmouthed in shock for a bit- cos i actually meant ‘nothing whatsoever is being thought, currently’ and not ‘nothing very important or that i wish to disclose is getting processed by the thinking parts of my brain’.