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I have been on Adderall XR for a few years, I experienced immediate improvement with memory. I was initially at 25mg then it seemed that my body got used to the dose and my memory / retention was decreasing, my psychiatrist upped the dose to 30mg.

After a nervous breakdown that left me with severe depression and anxiety my psychiatrist put me on Prozac and this did not seem to work. By the time my Dr raised the dose I crashed and burned again 2 weeks into the new dose. The ER Psychiatrist that saw me put me on Klonopin. The Klonopin REALLY helped me calm down and deal with the anxiety. My Psychiatrist switched me from Prozac to Wellbutrin This seemed to work for a couple of years but then I felt really bogged down, cloudy and no energy. I finally convinced my Psychiatrist to stop the Wellbutrin. I felt so much better and continued the Klonopin and Adderall.

I have been having major issues at work that I allowed to brainwash myself to working insane hours and pretty much 7 days a week. After watching the ADD show I had to admit to myself that the depression is back. I saw my psychiatrist and asked her if there is a drug for ADD that helps with depression. She started me on Strattera (40mg for a week then up to 80mg). I will stop the Adderall a month into Strattera.

Once I started the 80mg I have been dealing with daily headaches. I do not know if the headaches are due to the drug, stress at work, and / or the pressure systems going through the Chicago area.