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Re: Strattera advice please

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Thanks for the update!

On my end, I’m not sure I mentioned it, but my family doc put me on Flomax to try and ease the urinary side effects, which it did quite handily — as well as all the sexual side effects. In fact it worked so well that I had dropped from once a day dosage to once every 2 or 3 days and “it” still worked great. lol.

Now I’m on day 9 at 40mg myself. At about day 5-6 the urniary issues returned so now I’m back to taking Flomax once per day hoping it will bring the problem under control again. What may be a factor, though is that I didn’t start the Flomax until after about 7-8 days on 25mg. I found relief by day 10, but perhaps the side effect itself was also lessening as my body became used to the meds?

On the bowel end of things, gas has stopped for me. No cramping or constipation for me since day 1 except -hmmmm- things appear to work slower. Instead of going to the bathroom every morning, I now go only once every 4 days or so. As you can imagine, it’s a doozy. Kind of freaked me out the first time! lol.