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Re: Strattera advice please

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i think effexor does for me what the lexapro does for you deedee. i can see through the fog with strattera, and don’t have this huge spinning cyclone of negativity, impending doom and crisis thoughts flying around in my head with effexor. the wellbutrin wakes me up a bit, but doesn’t do much else apart from making me sweat and bounce my legs a lot. :(

i’m thinking maybe if rdb, your strategy of adding something like adderall to the straterra might be the answer for me, instead of ditching strattera entirely- i didn’t know you could take both together. i really do need to get a bit of a juggle done with the meds though, cos right now i’m awake enough and can think clearly enough to see that i’m getting SFA done on a daily basis and still have huge problems with motivation and procrastination- (laundry!? i know i put some in the washer the other day- which probably smells great about now… and i have a stack of last months clean laundry in the bin on the bedroom floor- waiting to be put away in the wardrobe….i’m somehow not getting my face washed and teeth cleaned in the morning until um…. 10pm at night quite often- cos i ‘just went to check email’ when i woke up 12 hours earlier) which is an incredibly exasperating place to be. :D