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Re: Struggling for Normality

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Hi CET, I certainly (as well as others on this thread, likely) undertand what you mean about living with a veil or a fog for 353 days of the year. I used to pretty much be constantly living with that ‘fog’. Or at least constantly burdened and weighed down by it. I kinda felt like a spectator to the entire world around me.

Several years ago, I started to realize that I wasn’t in this fog (and that I was in a complete opposite state of clarity) when I was drawing, or doing something visually creative. I’ve always been talented as far as drawing and visual arts goes – since I was a kid. Anyhow, I also noticed that any anxiety I normally felt, just kinda disappeared when I was drawing as well. Since realizing that, I’ve always tried to make time in my life for that – even if I can afford only a bit of time. It’s one of the only times in life when I ever feel “normal”.

In Dr Hallowell’s book ‘Delivered from Distraction’ there’s lots said about the power and importance of ADDers finding what their “sweet spot” is – whether it’s fixing cars, playing music, knitting, playing a sport or drawing. It’s an interesting book. So, perhaps, when you have time, try to think about something that you’ve always been inclined to – or that you’ve often been able to hyperfocus to – and try to expose yourslef to that activity more often? I dunno. It worked wonders for me a while back when I was lost and trying to find a place in the world.

I also find that I feel closer to “normal” after I’ve exercised in some way for about a half hour or so. Exercise does something to the brain where it kinda resets things. It helps to kickstart and level out the neurotransmitters (dopamine, norepinephrine) that are typically off kilter in the ADD brain. I usually have an hour or two of feeling normal and functional after I go for a jog. There’s also lots of info out there about exercise and the ADD brain.

Anyhow, just thought I’d toss in some insights that I found have worked over time.

I hope you find more days of clarity:)