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Re: Struggling for Normality

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I mean “normal” to be when I am “awake” and aware of the world around me. When I am able to actually interact with the world. Most of the time, it’s like I live in a fog and there’s a veil that I can almost see that separates me from the rest of the world. Very little is able to penetrate this veil. An occasional word from conversation or in a book will penetrate, but even then it’s in fragments.

How can anyone possible interact effectively with the world when they are only able to perceive a fraction of what’s going on around them?

This is my every day, but occasionally I’ll have a day when I’m “awake” and able to perceive everything around me. For that one day, I’m actually able to interact with the world and be a productive and effective individual. The rest of the time, the world is stuff that happens around me that I barely notice.

I want to be part of the world around me and ADHD make it nearly impossible! I feel like I’m inflicted with something that makes me little more than a ghost that floats through the world, with little ability to actually be a part of it.