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Re: Struggling for Normality

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Rick Green – Founder of TotallyADD
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Perhaps what we all mean by ‘normal’ is ‘able to do what I would really like to do’.

Rather than normal what we aspire to is being functional. Or not being impaired in areas that matter to me. Like, I’m not really super great at hand-eye coordination, so I can’t juggle or play racquetball. And I’m fine with that.

On the other hand I’m totally impatient with paperwork and business stuff, and yet I would like to have some real power around this. So that I actually get paid what I’m worth, and what I do get paid doesn’t go out the door to pay late fees and fines.

Functional. Or powerful. Or in control. Masters of our universe, no matter how far out our universe is.

Normal? That’s too much like average.