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Re: Suitability of new career

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In regards to the blood pressure issue, have you tried different ways to lower your BP so that you could continue with the meds? I’ve had high BP since I was about 28 (on meds since that time) and I’m almost twice that age now. I’ve only been on meds for ADHD for a year now and was initially worried about the old BP going up.

It hasn’t happened but it could be for a number of reasons. One, I’m less frazzled now and being less stressed probably is a positive benefit for my BP. Two, I decided to be proactive and do some regular exercise to help out. Everywhere you look these days you see articles extolling the virtues of exercise so I decided to give it a go.

Was it hard to start exercising? You bet but I stuck with it. Being able to focus probably helped me with ‘stick-to-it-ness’ issues. (You have to realize that I’d previously been a lady who had refused to let sweat form anywhere on her body! Yech! Sweat!!!)

Guess what? My BP is lower than it has been in years and years. Maybe it is having some ‘control’ over my life now or maybe it is the exercise that has lowered the BP. Maybe it is just the BP gods have finally decided to smile on me for once.

Whatever it is, talk with your doctor about your concerns. Where there is a will, there is a way! You’ll find your answer, I’m sure.