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Does anyone hate the tag on a T-shirt or sweater rubbing the back of their neck if it’s turned up and all scratchy? It drives me crazy. Sometimes, I’ll give the top away rather than dealing with it.

I also have a good sense of smell. I can enter a house that has mold or mildue in it, and I can smell it right away and have to get out of there. I’m highly allergic to it so maybe that’s part of it too, although others can go into the same house and not smell a thing.

Also, when I get ready for bed, I have to have any lights in the room, such as the neon light on the clock, or the multi-coloured night light, either covered up or turned away from me so I can’t see them. I like the room to be completely dark with all the curtains closed so no streetlight is shining in either. Then I have a special soft pillow that I turn over a few times, and punch, to get the right shape so my head is at the right height and comfortable. The pillow thing sometimes takes several adjustments before I get it right. I also need the covers pulled up one at a time and folded over, as if you were making the bed except you’re in it. My face can’t be covered or touching covers at all. If it touches the covers I have to rearrange the pillow, etc. and go through the same ritual again. I also have a fan on my night table, that blows in my face all night, but if I get too far away from it and can’t feel the cool air I’ll wake up and readjust my sleeping position with all of the above, etc. again. If this fixation is not a sign of ADHD, I’m euchred.