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Patte Rosebank
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I know what you mean about garment labels, and complete darkness in the bedroom. I quite like the damp smell of mildewed stone, though. I think it’s because my grandparents’ basement smelled like that, and I used to love staying at their house for a week in the summer. I remember being on family trips to Europe when I was a kid, and touring the crypts under old churches, and really creeping out the people around us when I said that I loved the smell in there.

There are some sounds which I cannot stand. Crunching, slurping, & chewing—in person, and (even more annoying) in TV shows, movies, and commercials. Repetitive sounds—Why, oh why, do some commercials have soundtracks that consist of the same 3 notes, repeated for the entire 30 or 60 seconds? And the Time Signal has always terrified me. There are also certain chords and chord progressions which make me feel extremely uneasy—for example, those in the theme from “The Red Violin”.

I am also extremely sensitive to repetitive, throbbing mega-bass sounds. The kind that make windows and walls and my own body vibrate along with them. I feel these sounds, and they are painful at a visceral level. This is why I do not frequent nightclubs.

Tonight, I discovered (the hard way) that the show that’s just opened in the theatre where I work, plays loud, repetitive, throbbing mega-bass sounds in the house for the entire 30 minutes before the show starts, and for the entire 20-minute intermission. My hands are aching from being clenched behind my back tonight, because if I hadn’t had the self-inflicted pain to concentrate on, I’d have stormed over to the sound board and demanded that the technician make it stop. Which probably wouldn’t have gone over very well.

After the show, I had to explain the situation to my manager, and ask that I please only work lobby shifts, instead of rotating through all the in-house positions, as is usual for ushers. I hate having to ask for this special treatment, especially because the show is quite fascinating, and I’d like to see it more than once. But I cannot tolerate being subjected to the auditory equivalent of the Chinese Water Torture again!