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socks. i can’t stand wrinkled socks. i never could. i can remember my mom getting annoyed when i was very very small because i pulled my socks so tight – so they wouldn’t be wrinkled. she had to cut out my tags too, altho mostly they don’t bother me now -but they are made of softer stuff these days. my tactile issues are worse on some days and not so bad on others. somedays i have a hard time getting dressed because ill put something on and i just can’t stand the way it feels and i have to change.

i also have trouble with people randomly touching me – like when you’re working at the computer and someone lays a hand on your shoulder? i CRINGE, and then people get mad and say they were only being friendly and that i shouldn’t over-react like that. just about any unexpected touch makes me stiffen up – i have to consciously relax and remind myself they didn’t know that it bothers me.

and i can’t stand crunching/chewing noises either. i have some very understanding friends who have learned that i’m not just being annoying on purpose, that it really DOES make me sick to my stomach. i thought that was only me tho….my grandfather lived with us for a while and he slurped and i always thought i gotten overly sensitive from that. i never connected it to the ADD – i’m glad it effects other people too, altho i don’t mean that like it sounds :)